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Lawn Care Luke: Cultivating Beauty Across Connecticut and Massachusetts

Are you yearning for a vibrant, healthy lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood? Lawn Care Luke, your trusted landscaping and lawn care specialist in Connecticut, caters to both residents and businesses across Connecticut and Massachusetts, offering a comprehensive suite of services and top-quality products to help you achieve your outdoor ambitions.

Our Service Areas:

Lawn Care Products:

Get premium lawn care products like grass seed, fertilizer, and sod delivered directly to your doorstep throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Landscaping Services:

Transform your landscape with our expert services in sod installation, lawn renovation, powerseeding, and aeration & overseeding, available across the entire state of Connecticut.

Lawn Care Services (Fairfield County, CT):

Maintain a picture-perfect lawn with our tailored lawn care services, currently serving the following towns.

Nourishing Your Lawn:

Let's dive into the specific lawn care services we offer:

  • Lawn Fertilizer: Our customized fertilization programs provide essential nutrients for optimal growth and health, considering your lawn's unique needs and soil conditions.
  • Annual Lawn Programs: Choose the convenience of year-round care with our comprehensive annual programs, addressing seasonal needs with targeted treatments for a consistently thriving lawn.
  • Organic Lawn Care: Looking for an eco-friendly approach? We offer organic solutions that nourish your lawn naturally while protecting the environment.
  • Crabgrass Prevention: Keep pesky crabgrass at bay with our preventative measures, ensuring a smooth, uniform green carpet.
  • Weed Control: Eliminate unwanted weeds effectively and safely with our targeted approaches.
  • Grub Control: Protect your lawn from destructive grubs with our proven prevention and control methods.
  • Insect Control: Say goodbye to damaging insects with our effective control solutions, safeguarding your lawn's health and aesthetics.
  • Fungicides: Combat lawn diseases efficiently with our fungicide treatments, promoting a healthy and resilient lawn.
  • Soil Amendments: Improve your soil quality and structure with our tailored soil amendment solutions, creating an optimal foundation for vibrant growth.
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